Navigating brands
through the digital space.


Act as an internal unit.

We unite with our clients to an agile alliance and become a seamless and dynamic operational extension.

Curve the digital space.

Strong, creative and content driven marketing that can break through the noise of the digital age.

All about Data, Baby!

For the capability to make better data-driven programmatic decisions and analyse traffic streams in real time.


Mothership is a consulting- and media/content-focused agency.
We adopt a holistic approach to cover the four main challenges of companies that deploy free-to economic business models.

In times of rapidly evolving technologies, consumer's needs and aspirations change at the same speed. Our aim is to unite our clients and their consumers and navigate them safely through commercialized digital space.

New channels of communication require an open mind. We challenge conformity and find new ways to deliver brand’s messages. On our mission we provide a strategic point of view and never lose focus. Through individually customized and re-imagined channels we accompany clients and consumers for a better experience.


Organic Growth (Earned Media)

A successful brand strategy will result in in organic growth and brings movement into a company’s calculations.

We work with our clients to ensure that this growth is positive and to create brand awareness through direct measurers in the relevant target group. Our approach is to enhance the natural appeal of the brand in the target environment through relevant advertising messages.

A well-known brand-name product not only has a strong broadcasting effect on digital (performance- and search-) campaigns, which can lead to significant savings. Also, the customer’s experience with the product is shared with others more frequently, there is a higher loyalty and the commitment is measurably stronger.

Performance Growth (Paid Media)

The bass drum of a digital marketing campaign. A far-reaching and multifaceted campaign planning will lead to the return of investment.

We develop measured, scaled and optimized performance marketing campaigns that fit perfectly into the marketing mix.



Owned Media

A huge factor in the profitability of a product is the disclosure, categorization, canalization, and active marketing of untapped potential.

Digital product communities offer unique ranges and environments which make them very interesting for advertisers from other industries. We develop custom options for each product in order to make the most of our client’s reach.

Customer Loyalty

Every customer is hotly marketed by a company. To lose these customers is a drama!

We develop strategies that increase the bond between users and products and therefore give our customers a systematic and manual way to recover lost users.

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Marketing Mix Strategy
Brand Strategy
Performance Marketing Strategy
Mobile Strategy
Platform Strategy
Research, Insights, and Data Ascertainment

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Campaign Planning
Campaign Accomplishment
Marketing Optimization


Digital, Mobile and Social Marketing
Direct Response Marketing
Return of Invest Optimization
KPIs Analytics

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Native Advertising and Content Marketing
Storytelling, Creation and Producing
Branded Content

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Social Strategy
Social Campaigns
Public and Media Relations
Brand Communications

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Analytics and Intelligence
Tracking and Reporting
Responds Database