What's New In 20XVIII


Review and outlook for another exciting new year

Happy New Year, everybody!

Since MOTHERSHIP’s foundation on a cold January day in Berlin, we are aiming to provide the best services in digital marketing. Today, we are happy to celebrate our fifth birthday and to take a look at what has happened during last year as well as to give an inside into what we have planned for the future.

We have added new services

We are constantly working on expanding our range of products and services, taking up new trends, and providing our clients with innovative and even more reliable marketing solutions. In 2017 we were able to further extend our range of services: with our newly added TV advertising services, many new corporations with media companies, and with our further developed business intelligence services, MOTHERSHIP’s clients now have more ways to connect their target groups and their products. Among others, our clients now have the ability to promote their products on RTL, ProSieben, kabel 1, n-tv, SAT.1, SYFY, 13th Street, Eurosport, HISTORY, or A&E.

We have gained new clients

We are happy and proud of our new clients that have joined MOTHERSHIP’s client base in 2017:


Team reinforcements

Our team also grew during this last year and we were happy to welcome more crew members aboard the MOTHERSHIP.


What's up in 2018?

Our word of digital entertainment, gaming and online marketing is developing rapidly. This year, we want to dig deeper and explore more fields that will play an important role in the near future:

 Also, prepare for this:

Yes, it is time for a new website that provides improved usability for all visitors on desktop and on mobile. 

That’s it for now, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Xing for more updates.

Wishing you a successful 2018,
Stefan, Christian & the MOTHERSHIP team




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