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Albion Online is a cross-platform medieval style sandbox MMORPG by indie developer Sandbox Interactive from Berlin. Based on a heavily modified Unity engine, the free-to-play game offers a sandbox experience for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. Albion Online is in development with several alpha and beta phases to come. The official release is planned for early 2015 via Steam and digital download. Before launch, Sandbox Interactive is offering Founder’s Packs that granted access to different testing phases and provide players with unique in-game items.


Our task was to generate interest for Albion Online among editors, MMO players and core gamers. We wanted to explain the game’s USPs to fitting audiences and motivate players to invest in the game’

Our Actions

To meet the challenge, our PR measures were based on several well-matched pillars.

Press information:
Our target media was continuously informed about progress in development, dates and duration of alpha tests, about planned features as well as other relevant information. All enquiries and interview requests from editors were taken care of by Mothership in close cooperation with the developers.

Contact agency:
All enquiries and problems from journalists were taken care of by Mothership and answered appropriately. Interviews were directly responded to or were answered together with the developers.

Editorial cooperation:
To promote the game’s Founder’s Packs, we brought off a highly successful giveaway with one of the biggest international free-to-play and MMO websites.

Content writing
Every gaming website has its own target audience and therefore requires a specific approach to reach its users. MMO focused media need to provide their readers with more detailed about information of a game’s development than a general gaming website, for example. For Albion Online, we provided editors with suitable articles that both matched the tonality of their website as well as the necessary level of information.

Summits are great way to talk to editors in person and answer any questions directly. At 2014’s gamescom we met with German and international editors to give them a preview of what to expect from Albion Online in the future.

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Our Role
Lead PR Agency



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The Results

Our PR campaign reached a minimum of 38,2 mio. unique gamers and resulted very positive coverage of the game.

Press Releases:                             8
Publications Press Releases:     522
PR Reach:                                       38,2 mio. unique Gamers


"Mothership is characterized by a deep knowledge of the free-to-play industry in general and the MMO market in particular. At the hands of their engaging and creative work, we were able to draw a very high level of attention to our game and to provide relevant audiences with fitting information."

Szymon Wilkosz, Head of Marketing

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