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Shakes and Fidget is an MMORPG for the browser and mobile devices. The turn-based game was released in June 2009 and became a successful and widely distributed title. Among other awards, Shakes and Fidget won the BÄM Award as Best Browser Game in 2010.


Our role was to expand the already large user base for Shakes and Fidgets within the target segment of digital natives and millennials. The task was to create and seed content while display traffic was restricted.

Our Actions

Our general scheme for Shakes & Fidget was to reach players through storytelling.

Visual Approach:
Both active and interested players were approached by videos and graphics fitting their respective taste.

Each community was looked after individually and provided with different kinds of content providing useful information about the game.

Each platform was carefully selected and filled with fitting content.

Playa Games GmbH

Our Role
Content Marketing Agency



Content and Creative Production
Allocation and Seeding

Product Website

Company Website

The Results

Audience reached          Over 3 million members of the
                                           target group
Engagement                   Engaged 350,000 users to click,
                                           like, comment and register
                                           for the game
Conversion Rates          From Reg to Active User: 82,3%
                                           From Reg to Pay USer: 4,4%


"We are able to achieve excellent pay user quotas and are greatly pleased with a very high level of commitment of the relevant target groups."

Thorsten Rohmann, COO Playa Games GmbH

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