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Tactical Intervention is a First-Person shooter invented by Counter-Strike co-creator Minh “Gooseman” Le. For the implementation of Tactical Intervention he partnered with Korean developer FIX Korea.
The game saw its first release in the form of an open beta in 2010. However, the game was not officially released then.
It took three more years before publisher OGPlanet picked it up and released Tactical Intervention on March 2013 in North America. Only three months later, OGPlanet shut down game servers due to a lack of players.
Shortly after, Berlin-based publisher RNTS Media acquired the game for a global release, this time on Valve’s distribution platform Steam.


Bring Tactical Intervention in the public light and create a story that attracts large special interest magazines with a clear path of communication towards the Steam release and a big live event at Gamescom 2013 in Cologne.

Our Actions

Our strategy included a combination of various PR measures to ensure maximum impact.

Press information:
Before launch, the target media was continuously informed about progresses in development, beta tests and other useful information. After the release, press information continued with information about new and planned features, interesting facts and announcements.

Contact agency:
All enquiries and problems from journalists were taken care of by Mothership and answered appropriately. Interviews were directly responded to or were answered together with the developers.

We arranged several raffles in cooperation with various media. Users could win in-game items, hardware prizes and memorabilia.

Exhibition: gamescom
With 340,000 visitors, more than 6,000 journalists and 635 exhibitors from 88 countries, gamescom is Europe’s largest gaming event. We took the opportunity to meet with editors and exclusively show them the game in the business area. In three days we met with over 60 gaming journalist which resulted in a great interest and positive reviews.

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Our Role
Lead PR Agency



International PR Strategy
PR Management

Product Website

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The Results

Our PR campaign reached a minimum of 82,6 mio. unique users and resulted in a successful launch of the game.

Press Releases:                             6
Publications Press Releases:     548
PR Reach:                                       82,6 mio. unique Gamers


"As our lead PR agency, Mothership provided the full range of public relations services for our First-Person-Shooter Tactical Intervention. Their competent work included compiling & distributing press releases, organizing press events and handling all media enquiries. Mothership’s efforts had very positive effects on our product: media awareness was significantly raised and granted us lots of positive national and international coverage. We were extremely satisfied with their services and would recommend them very highly."

Erik Tubbs, Global Marketing Manager

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