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At Mothership, we are passionate about delivering cutting-edge Gen Z content that resonates with our target audience.

We achieve growth by leveraging the exceptional performance of our top creators and using precise targeted performance marketing to accelerate our efforts. Our unique approach and strategy ensure the best results, making us the go-to destination for high-quality content that engages and inspires.

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MOTHERSHIP is one of Europe's leading full-service marketing agencies for the digital culture.
Whether it is games, apps, software, music and video or the sharing economy, MOTHERSHIP is at home in today's digital world.

We strongly believe that user experience in advertising matters and is essential in contemporary marketing and brand building. Our attention-grabbing campaigns reach all relevant audiences. Our services cover the full range of integrated digital marketing. We drive business growth across paid, owned, and earned media channels. Globally and across all platforms.

MOTHERSHIP's team consists of 22 marketing professionals from all over Europe. Together, we enable brands to reach new audiences, monetize users, or raise the level of commitment. Each employee is an expert - whether it is influencer marketing, social media, search, performance, public relations, native advertising or programming.

Video Games

In the hyper-competitive gaming sector where thousands of new products are launched every year, generating awareness for your game and conducing a successful product launch is merely the first step. Extending and maximising the lifespan of each title in between product launches is the critical success factor in building a sustainable and profitable games business.

In the connected world creating experiences that leverage the peer-to-peer influence of millions of players around the globe is the key to getting potential customers to play your game, engage with your brand and encourage further spending.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have become a significant tool in all domains of life and turned into an expanding multi-billion dollar business that spans the globe. With over 5 million apps available on today's app stores, the competition is fierce and many apps fail before achieving their true potential.

MOTHERSHIP works with you to shape your marketing strategy, find the right media mix for your product, create targeting strategies for your audience and maximize the impact of your activities through continuous funnel analysis and event-based optimization.

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