TL;DR: Influencer Marketing is great

Content viewed seven times longer than display ads

Influencer Marketing is becoming more and more essential in every marketing campaign these days. And rightly so: through Influencer Marketing advertisers are able to generate much higher sales compared to paid advertising - while improving customer loyalty at the same time.

Another benefit that is slowly gaining attention, is time spend on content. While impressions are still the number one currency for advertising, there is another metric that could be more important than simple traffic. In 2015, for example, the Financial Times was one of the first big media companies to introduce a new practice, where they started using time to measure value instead of impressions. What advertisers and content marketers may have to ask themselves now is: “How much time do users spend with my content?”

A new study by Collective Bias shows that Influencer Marketing delivers much better results in this category. Since April 2015, the company has been analysing over 300,000 hours of content from over 5,000 influencers, and the results are decisive: Content created by influencers is viewed seven times longer than display ads. While ads are averagely viewed for only 19.2 seconds, influencer content can pride itself on an average of 2 minutes, 8 seconds! During the holiday season in December the average time even jumped to 2 minutes, 21 seconds. These times coincide with MOTHERSHIP’s own experiences; in our latest campaigns for Blade & Soul (NCSoft) and SkySaga (Radiant Worlds) we were able to observe similar results.

So, if you needed another reason to add Influencer Marketing to your mix, these figures speak for themselves.
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