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Mobile Gamers Are Big Spenders, too...

...but differ otherwise from their fellow gamers.

According to commerce analyst Slice Intelligence, mobile gamers in the US spend an average on $87 on in-app purchases. For comparison: with an average of $91, people who purchase games for PC and consoles only spend $5 more on their hobby.

The top three games are Machine Zone's Game of War (average of $550 per player), Summoners War by Come2uS ($272 p.p.) and Big Fish Casino by Big Fish Games ($233 p.p.).

Differences and Similarities

But Slice Intelligence's analysis brings even more interesting facts to light. While gamers on different platforms tend to spend an equal amount averagely, there are otherwise quite big differences between the groups.

For one, most people spend on only either mobile or PC and console (mobile: 43 percent, PC/console: 38 percent, both: 19 percent).

Secondly, the data shows that only 10 percent of people who spend money on mobile IAPs account for 90 percent of total mobile sales.

The top one percent, called “white whales”, even account for a striking 58 percent of mobile gaming revenues through in-app purchases! These numbers are not matched by fellow PC/console gamers, where about 28 percent of spenders account for 90 percent of total sales.

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