A lot has happened in Mothership’s 3rd
and 4th years of business.

2016 is well under way

Activities and Services

For our cross-platform games advertisers, we acquire and re-engage high quality users at every single conversion point on the complete conversion funnel. This customer lifetime optimization approach successfully resulted in ROI-maximized media buyings in 2015.

To ensure maximized success rates, we take account of several factors: in addition to our client’s first-party-data, as well as third-party-data from our data management platform partner (DMP-partner), we enhance all our media buingys with our own and unique second-party-data. MOTHERSHIP’s data base stores and utilizes all of our historical campaign data (such as CTR, CVR, activity rates, paying user rates).

Today, we are happy to

  • handle over 50 products (mainly games),
  • execute more than 1,000 campaigns,
  • integrate over 1M qualified traffic sources (Ad-IDs),
  • operate in 114 countries.

New Clients

2015 brought six great new gaming clients with fascinating products:


“With Bandai Namco Entertainment America, Six Foot and NCSoft, we were able to establish MOTHERSHIP as a European outpost for US-based companies. With our expertise, we could convince new clients of the strategic advantages local agencies provide for local markets.” - Stefan Hinz

Besides these gaming related clients, we also provided services for four new non-gaming companies:


“Our client Netto showed that our experience and knowledge gained from the digital entertainment sector can be successfully transferred to the field of FMCG.” - Christian Hofbauer

Integrated Digital Marketing and Media Planning

From 2013, when MOTHERSHIP first entered the orbit of business, to 2016, we continually expanded our service offers. Today, we are proud to provide a full range of services in integrated digital marketing and media planning for digital entertainment and digital marketing products across all platforms. In particular, this includes:

  • Global marketing strategies and media planning,
  • global UA and re-engagement campaigns,
  • public relations,
  • influencer marketing (Twitch, YouTube, social etc.),
  • premium video monetization.

In times of increasing usage of ad blockers and bot traffic, we successfully focus on content marketing communications. In 2015, we distributed over 10,000 minutes of branded content for 12 clients in 11 countries.

MOTHERSHIP would like to thank its clients, partners and friends for the great cooperation and for a successful year.

We look forward to reaching new heights with you in the future!

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