Happy Birthday, Content Hive!

Happy Birthday, Content Hive!

One year ago, MOTHERSHIP added a brand new marketing service to their portfolio. The Content Hive focuses – as the name suggest – strictly on content marketing and native advertising. With the Content Hive publishers and developers are able to drive campaigns for their games and products through custom selected YouTube channels and profit from all the benefits content marketing has to offer.

The advantages of content marketing are obvious: besides placing the image of a product within the consciousness of the relevant target groups, content placements can outsmart ad blockers and especially lead to a significant raise of attention a digital product receives.

For the Content Hive MOTHERSHIP’s marketing experts put together individual packages of YouTube channels, each package specially geared to a product’s particularities. This way MOTHERSHIP is able to ensure both great quality and reach in the emotional prime time to address the best audience for each product.

In practical terms, MOTHERSHIP’s clients are able to target viewers all over Europe as well as viewers from North America and other English-speaking territories through the Content Hive. An ever-growing pool of over 250 YouTubers with a potential reach of 30M subscribers caters all audiences’ tastes. In the past year videos commissioned by MOTHERSHIP generated a total of over 5,2M views.

If you would like to learn more about the Content Hive and its possibilities don’t hesitate to contact us!


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